Colonial Indian Heritage

Housed in the newest dining destination called The Republik, tucked away in Bukit Damansara, Frangipaani is bound to entice your taste buds and create a unique dining experience, accurately reflecting  the era of the British rule in India.

This beautiful restaurant features the best of contemporary Indian food in a luxurious and sophisticated setting. Deep woods and mosaic tiles court stylish light fixtures for an elegant, romantic atmosphere that spills over onto an open-air patio fitted with a skylight. Potted palm trees add a touch of the exotic. A grand piano in the main room adds to the ambience, with live music featured every weekend evening.

The restaurant which boasts authentic Indian cuisine aims to take customers on a culinary journey through one of the most colourful sub-continent in the world. Tender velvety Lamb Chops, smooth and nutty Malai Kofta and creamy silken Butter Chicken are just some of the curated contemporary recipes native to Goa, to create a rare sensory experience.

The menu is matched by fine wines, refreshing homemade lassis and a heart-warming atmosphere that blends Malaysia’s lush greenery, with architectural nuances from British-Colonial India.

Note: Kid-friendly & vegetarian options available