Why Go Elsewhere

Rockafellers Kitchen + Bar is “Ye Olde Pub” in the rocking old lanes of Changkat Bukit Bintang, serving up the best of British and Irish cuisine seeped in long history and heritage with an updated modern face.

Rockafellers in Genting Highlands sets the chilly hills ablaze with Northern Indian tandoori sizzling platters, grilled crusty steaks, wines and whiskeys, transporting you into an epicurean world, insulating you from the norms of typical mundane days, 6000 feet above sea level, illuminating hearts and souls.

Cinema screen-sized LCD-Screens, perpetually throbbing with sporting action, peering intensely from every conceivable angle. Fleet-footed staff weave athletically between scatterings of deep-brown tables and high chairs, while distinctive sports paraphernalia pose triumphantly on luxurious wooden wall panels.

Barflies not keen on hoity-toity dining affairs will be chuffed to know that etiquette-optional finger food is complimentary with all beer orders; while refined, gourmands will be rapturous (in a restrained, elegant way) to learn that Rockafellers dining menu is as fine as they come, featuring a stunning parade of scrum-delicious burgers, savoury pies and stews, charred steaks, wood-fired pizzas and homemade pastas.

With a tradition dating back centuries, its time to behold and take in the sumptuousness of Northern Indian and British – Irish cuisine.

Note: Kid-friendly & vegetarian options available upon request