A Place To Unwind Any Day Of The Week

Why Not Kitchen + Bar has stirred up quite an excitement amongst Kuala Lumpur’s discerning diners and drinkers, as being a great place to grab a drink and relax while watching the world go by. 

Charming location as one can savour surrounding music rackets without it getting overly  blaring. With the establishment of this club-like-resto-bar smack right beside Rockafellers, you can relish in authentic wooden grilled pizza.

The resto-bar forges the way forward to present the innumerable facades of pub grub, because it’s not just all fish and chips! Tuck in the specialty Mexican Barbeque Roasted Baby Chicken or just share the enormous Party Platter with your close buds. Whether you’re seeking a weeknight drink in a not-so-boisterous setting or an informal catch-up with old friends, Why Not come here!

Note: Vegetarian options available